In the Fall of 2011, we unveiled our new Qryptonite Impact line. Qryptonite is our new family of insert bits, power bits and nut-setters, designed to perform in concert with today’s demanding power tools. Our Qryptonite tools are engineered with optimum balance of shock resistant steel, hardness and plating to minimize breaking and extend tool life. 

Customer reviews:

“You’ve taken the power bit to a whole new level!” -Jon, Product Line Specialist for National Distributor (after 3 weeks of testing)

“Our customer only uses the K30-2P’s now.” - Andy, Owner of TNT Industrial Supply (referring to a company who builds aircraft parts)

“Haven’t killed that bit yet!” - Richie, Owner of First Commercial Construction

“We used your bit on 4 boats, we usually go through 1 or 2 bits per boat.” -Supply Manager for Sea Ray

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